As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead.”  - James 2:26

The Global Community Ministry (GCM) is concerned with matters related to the care of all beings. This includes, but is not limited to, local, national, international, and global missions, justice issues, and outreach. The groups within the Global Community Ministry of NCC are varied and numerous, as we view ourselves as the hands and feet of God on earth.

HELPING OUR NEIGHBORS: In gratitude for God’s abundant love, we are people compelled to love our neighbors beyond ourselves. Outreach efforts are dispersed throughout the congregation and are collectively called Global Community Ministry. Our outreach includes local, national, and global ministries and addresses immediate needs, education, development, creation care and racial and other justice issues. The gifts we share include funds, service, compassion, items, facility space, and conservation. Our varied efforts are guided by three elected members who form the GCM Team.

In addition to providing support to numerous organizations, NCC also helps neighbors in need with limited funding, special fundraising, and referrals to local resources.



United Church of Christ (UCC) 


American Red Cross - prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies. NCC promotes and provides facility space for blood drives and funds via GCM budgeted resources.

Boy Scouts of AmericaNCC sponsors Scout Troop 270 and Cub Scout Pack 270, providing facility space and volunteers.

Bridgeport Rescue Mission -  Fights poverty “from the inside out” with food, clothing, shelter, and recovery programs. NCC provides funds through the GCM budget and special fundraisers, donates items including Thanksgiving turkeys, clothing, and other items, and provides volunteers. (


Church World Service (CWS)

Blanket & Tools program: Provide funds for projects that provide food and water, as well as resources to empower people to meet their own needs. NCC conducts an annual Mother’s Day fundraiser. 

C.R.O.P. Hunger Walks: Community-wide events to raise funds to end hunger at home and around the world. NCC organizes and participates in the annual Newtown walk to raise funds. 

Emergnecy Relief Buckets: NCC members collect and ship emergency items for victims of hurricanes and other disasters.

Department of Chidren and Families - Partners with communities to empower families and nurture resilient children. NCC provides holiday family gifts, school supplies, and diaper donations. 

Dress a Girl Around the World (DAG) - Volunteers sew clothing for at-risk children so they will know they are worthy of respect and loved by God. NCC hosts an annual Sew-A-Thon, donates materials, and recruits volunteers. 

Families United in Newtown - Provides monthly social opportunities for individuals with special needs and their families. NCC provides facility space and supports fundraiser events with food and volunteers.

Feed the Children - Distributes food and other items, provides classroom support and school supplies to U.S. students and helps following natural disasters; in 10 other countries, manages child-focused community development programs focused on nutrition, health, and self-reliance. NCC Men's Group provides funds. 

Golden Opportunities - Enhances the quality of life for residents of elder care facilities through volunteer visitation, caregiver education, and respite. NCC supports with fundraisers. 

Home Front - Provides free home repairs to low income local residents through community based volunteers. NCC provides fundraiser proceeds and volunteers for annual projects. 

Interfaith Refugee Resettlement Program (IRIS) - A local ecumenical effort working with IRIS (Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services), IPRR co-sponsors and helps settle refugees in the Newtown area. Helps each family learn English, find employment, enroll in school and become productive and independent community members. NCC provides volunteer leadership and service, goods, and fundraiser proceeds.

Mothers United Against Violence (MUAV) - Provides compassion and support for Hartford families affected by violence and advocates for gun violence prevention, youth development and other supportive community programs. NCC provides funds through fundraisers and GCM budgeted resources, volunteers, and items. 

Newtown Fund - Working with Newtown Social Services, acts as a safety net for Newtown residents by paying for food, fuel assistance, utility bills, rent and medical expenses, and distributes Christmas holiday gifts. NCC provides Christmas gifts for one or more “adopted” families. 

Newtown Youth and Family ServicesHelps children and families through outpatient individual, couples and family counseling, substance abuse treatment services, Autism and social skills programs, prevention initiatives and support groups. NCC helps organize and promote fundraisers.

Regional Hopsice - Provides exceptional, convenient, hospice care services in homes and in assisted living and nursing residences. NCC sponsors one table at the Annual Breakfast fundraiser and fills it with individuals interested in giving donations. 

Resiliency Center of Newtown - Offers long-term mental health counseling and healing to anyone impacted by the December 14, 2012, Sandy Hook tragedy. NCC organizes and promotes fundraisers.

Salavation Army - Assists individuals to become more independent through a variety of services and programs, including food donations to the NCC Hospitality Hall. NCC provides holiday bell ringer volunteers and occasional facility use. (

SERRV International Empowers small-scale global artisans and farmers through long-term trading partnerships, helping them build sustainable employment, resources, rights, and a vision of hope in their communities. NCC hosts merchandise sales to benefit SERRV. 

Simply SmilesProvides foster home communities in Cheyenne River Reservation, SD, and Oaxaca, MX, partnering with UCC churches and others for volunteers and funding. NCC provides funds via GCM budgeted gifts. 



As stewards of God’s creation we adopt and promote practices that will protect and restore creation, including reducing our dependence on fossil fuels by installing solar panels, monitoring our energy consumption (Solar Edge monitor), implementing energy saving practices in our facility, and adopting eco-friendly practices such as banning Styrofoam and using eco-friendly products, including Fair Trade beverage products.  



NCC sponsors community events as well as participating in local events such classes, lectures, and concerts and annual programs:

"Parking, Pancakes, & Parade" breakfast  for Labor Day 

 Annual 12/14 Memorial Service to remember the Sandy Hook tragedy of December 14, 2012 and honor its victims and survivors.



As a service to the community, NCC generously provides space and utilities at no or reduced cost for use by many local nonprofits, support groups, as well as American Red Cross blood drives.



In addition to participating in NCC-supported outreach, NCC members are also individually active in serving as Christ in many community organizations and endeavors, including these and others:

Some of the organizations our members are involved with outside of NCC:

  • Bridgeport Rescue Mission – Provides emergency shelter, food, clothing, recovery and other services
  • Dorothy Day Hospitality House (Danbury) – Feeds and shelters the hungry and homeless
  • FAITH Food Pantry (Newtown) – Provides food to needy
  • FISH - Providing rides to individuals for local doctors and hospital visits.
  • Friends of Newtown Seniors – Serves and advocates for Newtown residents age 55+
  • Jericho Partnership Food Pantry/Clothing Band, Danbury
  • Lion's Club – Raises money to fund multiple charities; provides community service         
  • Literacy Volunteers of America (Danbury) - Assists adults with reading    
  • Meals on Wheels -  Delivers meals to homebound individuals in the Newtown area    
  • Relay for Life -  Raises funds for cancer research    
  • Rotary Club – Raises money to fund multiple charities    
  • Special Olympics - Provides sports training and athletic competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities    
  • Visiting Nurses Association – provides local health screening services and with Bethel VNA provides nursing, physical therapy and nursing aide services; maintains a thrift store
  • Salvation Army - Raises funds to support the local work of SA, including food donations to Newtown pantries, emergency recovery
  • Women in Newtown – raises funds and item donations for Thanksgiving gift baskets
  • Newtown Women’s Club – serves the local community throughout the year
  • Newtown Helping Hands – provides volunteer grocery shopping and delivery service to seniors and others
  • Newtown Nonprofit Council - Facilitates cooperation and collaboration between local nonprofits


Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'– Martin Luther King, Jr.


We must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said:

"It is more blessed to give that to receive."

(Acts 20:35)

Yes, someone lives under the blanket.

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