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14 West Street

Newtown, CT 06470




Open Hours

Sunday 10AM-11AM


Tues.-Thurs. 9AM-5PM

Fri. 9AM-Noon


Fri. 1:30PM-5PM

(Building access can be obtained upon request)


Thrift Center


Tues.-Thurs.10AM-1PM Saturday 11AM- 2PM

Contact: 203-270-9359 

Faith Nurture for Youth

Life can be rough... but it's better if you share it with others.


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Connect with us on Facebook at our page: Newtown Congregational Youth.


Sunday Christian-faith Education

Middle School Youth begin in the sanctuary worship service on Sunday mornings and exit the sanctuary following the Children's Message to participate in Small Chapel.

High School Youth also begin in the sanctuary worship services. They are welcome to remain in the sanctuary or meet in the Gathering Room for relaxed conversations about life and faith.  

Enrollment Form: Please fill in the 1st form on the "Registration Forms" page.

Confirmation Class (9th Grade) - October until June

Confirmation Class explores Christian beliefs, the Bible, Christian and church history, and the meaning of Christian discipleship in today's world. The class provides a foundation for youth to explore and mature in their faith, and a space for asking the tough questions of life. The class is taken during a youth's ninth grade year of high school. During the year the class meets weekly with a Pastor and monthly with mentors. On Youth Sunday (usually on Mother's Day) they plan and are the main participants in the worship service. The class culminates with a written personal statement of faith and a confirmation service. Once confirmed, the youth are recognized as full members of NCC and have the opportunity to participate as deacons and vote at the Annual Meeting. 

Confirmation Class Registration: Fill in the 2nd form on the "Registration Forms" page.

Youth Group Fellowships - Middle School and High School

Our Youth Groups meet from September until the first few weeks in June. The youth enjoy time with each other in a Christian environment full of faith, fun, and fellowship. Their year includes special gatherings which may include community service, fundraising for charities, fun wilderness retreats, entertainment, and special dinners. 

Service Trips - "WORKCAMP"

Each year a service trip is planned with the N.E.W.S. (Newtown Ecumenical Workcamp Servants) to travel to a community and assist persons in need through repair of homes, restocking of food pantries, and uplifting spirits! N.E.W.S. initially gathers in early Fall when the destination and cost has been determinied. Participation in bonding time, planning, community service, and fundraising endeavors is a year-long process which culminates when the "Workcampers" spend a week in the summer living in the service of others.


Older Youth who wish to continue their outreach beyond high school are offered an opportunity to travel during a week in the winter to spend a week at the UCC Back Bay Mission in Biloxi, Mississippi repairing homes and assisting in the local community.


Field Trip Permission:

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