Connection Time (post-worship fellowhip)

CONNECTION TIME: When the time comes that we can return to full use of our building, we will be able to enjoy our after worship "Connection Time"! This hour after the worship service allows us to deepen our relationships with each other while enjoying light refreshments.


Our post worship Connection Time (aka: Coffee Hour) has an important role in the life of our congregation. It gives us an opportunity to reach out and connect with one another in a casual way - to offer friendship, support, laughter, etc...

Most of us enjoy this post worship time and like to help with hosting it. To host one Sunday, here are a few minor instructions:


-Choose one or more Sundays that you would be willing to host. It is much easier to do if you gather a few friends to join in hosting with you. Sign up on the sheet located in the Great Room near the kitchen door.


-Prepare a food station with finger food, napkins, paper plates, utensils, and a donation jar.

-Prepare a drink station with juice, teas, sweeteners, stirrers, napkins, "small trash" bin, carafes filled with milk and half-and-half, coffee cups, and juice cups.

-Make regular coffee, decaf coffee, and hot water for tea. Directions are located in the kitchen.


-Bring any food you would like to share. It can be store made or home made. Nothing fancy and there doesn't need to be a lot of it. Examples: cookies, brownies, fruit, cheese, pretzels, bagels, muffins, cake... or no food - it's your choice!


Prepare the Great Room and Kitchen for the next group to use the room:

-Package up leftover food and take it home.

-Wipe down Great Room tables.

-Clean up the kitchen.

-Wash dirty dishes.

-Take all trash out to dumpster (located in the parking lot outside from the stairs that lead from the far end of the Great Room).

-Put used linens into the laundry hamper located in the kitchen.

-Sweep or vacuum floor if needed.


*We are also looking for a person (or persons) to purchase our supplies. You will be reimbursed for the expenses. 


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