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Nurture Ministry

The Nurture Ministry (NM) oversees all educational and spiritual growth programs of NCC and general oversight of auxiliary education programs which serve and/or are sponsored by NCC.

Areas of Focus:

- Adult Education (Bible and Book Studies)

- Youth Education (Confirmation and Youth Groups)

- Children's Education (Sunday School, Small Chapel, Holiday Pageant, Egg Hunt)

- Spiritual Development for all ages

- Safe Church Training

- Short Term Planning


Nurture Membership:

- One Ministry Liaison (Coordinates the program and Nurture budget and attends Core Leadership Team meetings.)

- Two Coordinators (Assist the Liaison)

- Volunteer members (Help with planning and programs)

- Teachers

Christian Formation, Education, and Fellowship

Faith is nurtured not just for an hour on Sunday mornings! We believe all of us can and do encounter God's love all the time.

Much of the growth our children experience in faith occurs in the contexts of their families. That can sometimes seem an overwhelming notion, but if we embrace the opportunity, it can be a real gift! We strive to keep the curriculum in our church school aligned with the Sunday worship service. This means children, youth, and adults are exploring similar themes and scriptures, so that when everyone arrives back home the conversation is able to continue! Adults don't need to have all the answers (or any of the answers) to show young individuals that faith can be important, exciting, and a part of all of life.

At Newtown Congregational Church we offer a unique program for children. At 10:00AM on Sunday mornings, the children arrive with their families or friends families into the sanctuary so that everyone begins in worship together. And then on specific Sundays, following the Children's Message, the children transition from the sanctuary to the Great Room (fellowship hall) for Small Chapel or their classrooms where they experience an energy-filled time of faith formation. In Small Chapel they learn the stories and lessons of the Bible, take an offering just like "Big Church", experience the importance of prayer, and celebrate birthdays. In church school classes they learn and enjoy Christian faith fundamentals until 11:30AM, when they join the rest of the congregation for "Connection Time" (refreshments and social time).

The Newtown Congregational Church Chrisitan Education ministry likes to call our church school "The Garden", because this is where children's faith is "sown and grown" with TLC. The Garden focusses on the faith formation, nurture, and eductaion of children and youth from preschool through high school by means of various hands-on mediums such as compassionate outreach, prayer, drama, cooking, music, storytelling, service project, and craft projects. These young individuals are very enthusiastic about this program.

The formal education year runs from September until the second week in June. Included during the year is Bible Sunday, in which the children in Kindergarten, Third Grade, and Ninth Grade receive gift Bibles from their church. During the summer months there are special activities for young people that are offered in place of the formal church school time.

The Nurture Ministry works diligently to provide a good foundation for children. The Ministry meets monthly and welcomes all who are interested in providing a strong Christian foundation for children.

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