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Participation Is The Key To Making "a church" into "MY CHURCH!"

Within Newtown Congregational Church there are many opportunities to experience a deeper sense of the Christian faith and to form richer relationships with the people who call this "MY CHURCH". It can be done through Bible study classes, worship participation, teaching our children, working on outreach endeavors, becoming a committee  or Council member, hosting Coffee Hour, joining in fellowship events, or many, many, other ways!

The fastest way to enrich your familiarity with your fellow church members and the intricate workings of the church is to become involved in several groups, ministries, and/or outreach opportunities. 

There are quite a few opportunities for involvement listed in this section of the website, but keep in mind that as you browse through this website almost every aspect of the church runs on volunteer power. This is what makes our church special - by volunteering to help this church your time & talent investment is what makes it become "MY CHURCH".

If you would like to get involved, but are not sure where or how, please visit the church office and ask for assistance.

Below is a survey taken in 2014 to evaluate the ministries/committees/groups in NCC:

Host Connection Time (aka Coffee Hour)

Connection Time is an hour set aside for meeting people and catching up with friends that takes place immediately following the church service. Those who host Connection Time are always greatly appreciated by the rest of the congregation!

Hosting Coffee Hour is easy:

-Find the "Coffee Hour Instruction Sheet" in the kitchen and follow the proceedure.
-Check the kitchen to make sure there is coffee, milk, 1/2&1/2, sugar, paper products, etc.
-Make purchases and save the receipts of items purchased.
-On the Sunday you are hosting, arrive around 9:30 a.m. to prepare the food and make the coffee.
-Enjoy Coffee Hour.
-Clean up and remember to reimburse your expenses from the donations received.(If there has not been enough donated, submit your out-of-pocket cost to the church office and you will be reimbursed. If more dontations are given that the purchases cost, leave the remainder in the donations basket). 


Assist During Sunday Worship

GREET:  The fastest way to get to know the congregation is to greet them as they enter for Sunday Worship. Position youself just past the exterior entry doors and just before the first set of glass doors. The rest is easy... put a smile on your face, welcome those who enter, and even introduce yourself if you'd like.

USHER: By offering to usher during a worship service, you will not only be assisting your church but also providing yourself with an opportunity to meet the many friends and members of the congregation. This is a great way to begin volunteering with your church. There is no commitment other than the Sunday in which you have offered to usher and it is a very uncomplicated proceedure.

WORSHIP LEADER: Sounds like a bigger responsibility than it is. The Worship Leader sits with the pastors at the beginning of the service and reads the Call to Worship and the Prayer of Invocation.

MUSICAN/SINGER: Individuals or groups are encouraged to offer their musical talents. During the school year the Adult Choir rehearses Thursday evenings from 8:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. and on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. During the summer months, when the Adult Choir takes a break, the church seeks musical talent to enhance the summer worship services.

DEACON: Provide spiritual lay leadership by preparing and serving communion on the first Sunday of each month; assist the pastors with baptisms and special services; and have a visitation minitry that takes communion to our "shut-ins".

PRESENT "THE MESSAGE": By volunteering to give The Message one Sunday it not only gives the pastor a break, but is a refreshing change. These messages are usually interesting perspectives given by our lay people.


Help the Christian Education Ministry

Laying a stong Christian foundation is a vital ministry which needs many hands in order for it to be successful in building a strong Christian faith in the future citizens and leaders of America. The volunteer opportunities are numerous, but rewarding: 3rd Grade Bible Breakfast food preparer; End of Year Picnic food preparer; Christmas Pageant Assistant; 3rd Grade Bible Breakfast Coordinator; Christmas Pageant Director; End of Year Picnic Coordinator; Weekly Nursery Care; Ecumenical Vacation Bible School (EVBS) teacher; C.E. Board Member; Ecumenical Vacation Bible School Director; Sunday School Teacher or Shepherd; Small Chapel Leader; C.E. Director....

And then there's the positions to encourage our youth to continue in their faith journies: Youth Group Assistant; Youth Group Leader; Retreat Chaperone; Confirmation Class Mentor; work camp Advisory Board Member; and Workcamp Chaperone.


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