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Small Job...Big Help

Stewardship is defined as making a donation of yourself either through a gift of your time, your skills, or your finances. Below are some Stewardship opportunities that involve the gift of your time and/or skills:

Stewardship Tasks:

It takes alot of hands to keep a church and its building running smoothly. What may seem like small inconsequential volunteer tasks are in actuality huge helps to the committees and individuals who regularly spend endless hours trying to keep on top of all that needs to be accomplished in a large building.

If you are interested in lending us some of your time, below are a few items that could be taken care of:

  • Weeding any garden
  • Sweeping cobwebs and bugs from the interior corners and exterior entrances
  • Cleaning glass doors and windows, including removal of scotch tape
  • Sharpening colored pencils for the Christian Education ministry
  • Periodically checking and installing batteries into clocks
  • Cleaning kitchen (includes refridgerator)
  • Scrubbing baseboards along the hallways
  • Cleaning walls and doors
  • Sorting library books
  • Checking and replacing lightbulbs
  • Organizing any closet... just choose one
  • Currently there is a pile of historical boxed items in the library that need sorting into what the church should keep and what should go to Newtown Historical Society or the Booth Library

Help With Children and Youth:

Our Christian Education Director and Small Chapel Leader are always in search of assistance. They like to provide a full eudcational experience and as such need volunteers to help with teaching and special programs. Below is a list of some of the help you could provide:

  • Small Chapel and Teachers for Church School
  • 3rd Grade Bible Breakfast
  • Christmas Pageant
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Spring Hike with Ice Cream at the end
  • Recognition Sunday
  • Pentecost Inter-generational Birthday Party
  • Ecumenical Vacation Church School
  • Dinners for our teen Youth Group

Sunday Hospitality Time, Special Gatherings, and Receptions:

  • Sunday Hospitality Time (know to many as Coffee Hour) is hosted weekly by groups or individuals
  • Set-up, Clean-up, and food are needed for most gathering events

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