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Newtown Congregational Church, UCC




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VISITORS you are encouraged and welcome to visit anytime our doors are open.

Our church building is open not just on Sundays - the church office is open Tuesdays through Fridays from 9:00AM until 5:00PM. Feel free to drop by and explore the building; check out the vast information on our lower lobby table; or visit the church office where you can obtain information about the church and Newtown area, get a hot drink and snack, or just have a chat with our friendly staff. We love visitors!

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WE ARE . . .

  • We are people who may have been brought up in the New England Congregational (and UCC) tradition, in other faith traditions, and in no faith tradition.

  • We take the scriptures very seriously as inspired by God, but rarely completely literally. 

  • We are people of different ages, incomes, and lifestyles.

  • We have families of various shapes and sizes - this includes singles, significant others, and those who have lost partners or spouses.

  • Some of us have children, some of us don’t, some of us are children.

  • We respect and honor other faith traditions, and we believe in interfaith partnership and dialogue.

  • We like to find ways to serve God beyond our walls.

  • We are all over the map politically and socially.

  • We do our best to love each other even when we disagree.

  • We believe everyone should be free to wrestle theologically. 

  • We take care of each other. Due to recent events in our town community, we know what it is to have our hearts broken – we continue to shed plenty of tears but we like to laugh a lot too.

  • We like to exchange ideas and opinions.

  • We love our history and tradition but we try not to worship it.

  • We know that God in Christ is calling the church (and each of us) to new ways of being and we are doing our best to figure out what exactly that means.


At NCC you can . . .

  • "Get faith " - through worship, study, compassionate outreach, and service to others, we all learn what Christ meant by "follow me".

  • "Get inspired" - from the amazing Sunday messages given by our pastors, the extravant welcome from our congregation, and the excitement from our children.

  • "Get connected" - by meeting and building relationships with some new people whose levels of belief, lifestyles, ways of expoloring the Christian faith are refreshing and open to question, doubt, and explore - which makes it more interesting than a "we all believe exactly the same" church.

  • "Get informed" - there are plenty of offerings and opportunities for faith discovery, exploration, and enhancement.

  • "Get involved" - if you are looking for somewhere that provides an oppotunity for you to be of use by using your skills & talents, or of use to others, Newtown Congregational Church has a wide choice of options.

  • "Get Support" - our caring and compassionate congregation is continually reaching out to those who worship in the church as well as those in need. 

  • "Get friends" - there are plenty of people with outdoor and indoor recreational interests, book clubs, garden clubs, service clubs, and hobbies.

  • "Get fulfilled" - excess time can be lonely to anyone. By offering service to a church, charity, or community project, a real sense of purpose and accomplishment follow. God appreciates everyone, but some people find it hard to discover this fact.


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