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While this challenging time continues, we want you to know that our church continues to serve in faithful and transformative ways. Our pastor and worship ministry are providing creative in-person and online worship services that include thought-provoking & timely messages with beautifully crafted music.

 On-site Worship Services are inside the Sanctuary. 

Online Worship Services are offered on (search NCC-CT).

If you are able and wish to give an offering: An electronic donation may be accomplished by using this direct link to our secure church's giving page or mailing an offering to Newtown Congregational Church, 14 West Street, Newtown, CT 06470 (memo: "Offering for [date]".


Newtown Congregational Church (NCC) strives to have an inviting and welcoming atmosphere where visitors are greeted with faith-filled Christian love. We are interested in your success in finding a church compatible with you, and where you feel comfortable.

Our Doors Are Open:  We welcome persons of with varied sexual orientations, gender expressions, socioeconomic status, family configurations, personal history, ages, national origins, races, and physical or mental conditions. We are a UCC Open and Affirming congregation. We embrace people at any point in their faith journey and affirm each person's freedom to pursue God's unique calling. We celebrate God's inclusive welcome at our Communion Table and affirm that full and equal participation in the life and leadership of NCC is open to all. We confess that we continue to discover how to more fully love one another as Jesus loves each one of us. In an often hurting and broken world, we also commit ourselves to the ongoing journey of learning and growing as a community of grace and reconciliation.

The question most often asked by those seeking a church is "how does your church work?". As a community comprised of a vast variety of backgrounds, ages, interests, lifestyles, faith perspectives, etc... the pastors, friends, and members of Newtown Congregational Church understand that organized religion may seem out-dated, uninviting, time consuming, or just plain uncomfortable. This may be due to myriad reasons such as the use of "church words", expectations about "appropriate clothing", misperceptions that "church people" should be perfect, or concerns about the timing of children's sports and activities...

We want you to be comfortable at NCC. Please be assured that this church exists for you! Clothe yourself in whatever you feel comfortable wearing (God sees you everyday), don't be afraid to ask what a "church word" means (we've all had to learn them), get to know the congregation, let your children arrive in sports uniforms or casual clothes rather than their "Sunday best", and just come and feel at ease. Oh, and, don't worry if you're not right on time, we're just glad you came!


Gather with us in praise of our Lord and God!

Experience the church of today!

A time to leave the burdens of the outside world and focus on our Creator and Savior!


Connection Time: This is the hour after the worship service that allows us to deepen our relationships with each other while enjoying light refreshments.

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