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The wedding ceremony is a major event in the life of any couple. It celebrates a commitment and a new direction for those who will make their promises to each other. Many couples do not have a church relationship or are in a state of religious transition as they prepare to build their lives together. Newtown Congregational Church offers a Christian ceremony in a tradional New England style church setting.

Our pastors support the institution of marriage and offer professional services in the furtherance of Christian marriage and family life. It is the responsibility of the church and its ministers to strengthen, in whatever way possible, the intentions of couples seeking to begin a new life together through the marriage ceremony.

Please call the office for pastor, rehearsal, and wedding date availability. Once plans have been set, fill out the wedding application and mail it to the office. After a wedding reservation has been submitted, the pastor will request three counseling sessions with the couple prior to the wedding.


The couple is required by Connecticut law to obtain a wedding license through the town of Newtown well before the date of the wedding. The wedding license should be brought to the wedding rehearsal.

If music is desired during the ceremony, please discuss this with the pastor. If the couple desires the use of an organist/pianist, it is preferred that the couple use the NCC organist... but why wouldn't you want to - he is amazing! 

Photographs are welcome in the church.

If a florist will decorate the sanctuary, please inform them that only elastic or floral tape may be used on the pews (a velcro strip is located on every other pew). There is no available aisle runner, however, if one is desired, ask the florist to provide a runner that is 100' (from altar steps to the church entry).

Additional parking is available in a lower lot located on Castle Hill Rd.

Following the ceremony, guests are asked to not throw rice, confetti, or birdseed inside nor outside of the church building. 

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