The purpose of our thrift center is two-fold: 1) to be a resource for good, clean clothing, and quality housewares at a very low cost for the community at large; and 2) to add funds to our Church treasury. We also respond to specific requests for help by supplying clothing or household items. The Newtown Social Services Office refers clients to us and we accept vouchers from that office. We are fortunate to benefit from a large number of volunteers for our sorting, cleaning, cashiering, finances, and organizing, but we always are could use more.

Your Donations and Purchases Help Us to Help Others! 

Location: The thrift center is located in the lower level of Newtown Congregational Church. (1/10 of a mile west of The Flagpole, directly behind the Meeting House). 

Shopping Hours: 10:00AM until 1:00PM Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Contact: 203-270-9359 (or the NCC office 203-426-9024)      

Weekly and Special Sales: Visit our facebook page "Cornerstone Thrift Center" (make sure the page has the green logo above... there are several Cornerstones across the nation) for sales and photos. There are also weekly sales ads in the Classified section of the Newtown Bee newspaper. 

The Cornerstone Mission (established in 1991):

  • To provide quality items at a low cost to the community to help with needs
  • To provide a steady source of income to the church.
  • To provide a place and time for fellowship with a mission.


Donations to The Cornerstone are always greatly appreciated. Items may be dropped off during open hours. A receipt can be given to the donor upon request. 

Donors are encouraged to give items that are clean, unbroken, in working order, and in good condition. The Cornerstone prides itself on the quality and cleanliness of the products.

The Thrift Center is unable to house large furniture or major appliances, however, many times a home may be found for these items, so it is advisable to call and discuss a possible large item donation with the NCC Office Administrator.


The Cornerstone provides an oppottunity for people interested in helping to support the local community and NCC. Basically there are three main areas for volunteers - 1. sorters and pricers, 2. cashiers, 3. trash and recycling:

Sorters & Pricers: Volunteers sort, clean, prepare, and price items which have been donated. Among this is toy testing & cleaning, hanging clothes, testing small electronics, cleaning and pricing home goods, etc. Sorting times are Mondays and Wednesdays 9:30AM until 12:30PM, or Mondays 5:00PM until 6:00PM. Items needing testing may be done at home.

Cashiers: The Thrift Center is manned by church friends and members who are trained to use the cash register. 

Trash and Recycling Transportation: The sorting from items donated results in areas of additional distribution and there is always a need for these items to be transported to other locations. Our soft goods are picked up and recycled by Bay State Textiles.

Charitable Donations:Some items are distributed to other charitable organizations to support their work which a few of our volunteers deliver items to their location.

Community Service Credit: High school students are able to earn community service credit through volunteering at the Cornerstone. Scouts of any age looking to provide community service are encouraged to volunteer to test and clean toys.


NCC Cornerstone Thrift Center Beneficiaries:

In addition to fulfilling its annual monetary commitment to the NCC budget, the Cornerstone regularly makes material contributions to various entities in the wider community. These include the following:

  • Back Bay Mission: In Biloxi, MS. clothing and backpacks.
  • Bridgeport Rescue Mission: Coats, shoes, socks, hats & gloves, and blankets.
  • Cyrenius H. Booth Library: Books for their annual book sale and gowns for display of historical wedding wear.
  • Danbury Military Museum: vintage uniforms and items.
  • Department of Children and Family Services: emergency requests.
  • Dress a Girl Around the World: material and sewing items.
  • Eagles Wings Foundation Orphanage in Mexico: infant and children’s clothing.
  • Fire Victims: clothing and/or household items as needed.
  • Inner City Middle School: clothing items.
  • Interfaith Partnership for Refugee Resettlement: clothing and household items to set up a home.
  • Friends of Kenya Rising: fabric grocery bags.
  • Local theater groups: props and clothing for costumes.
  • Mothers United Against Violence (Hartford): winter coats, business wear.
  • NEWS (Newtown Ecumenical WorkCamp Servants): Monetary support and work clothes for the youth mission trips.
  • Newtown Animal Shelter and local veterinarians: old towels.
  • Newtown Florist: common vases.
  • Newtown Social Services:  clothing and/or household necessities; and new clothing for Christmas baskets.
  • Save-A-Suit in  Bethel: An organization that provides business wear for veterans.
  • Social Service: Through referrals from Newtown Social Services, The Cornerstone provides goods for families and individuals in need  and those who have suffered personal tragedy.
  • St. Martin de Porres School: musical items and books.
  • Wilbur Cross Middle School: khaki and navy blue trousers and collared shirts.

Who Benefits from this ministry?

The Donors: Not only are donors able to clean out their homes or their loved ones homes, but they also get a sense of helping others through their donations to the Cornerstone.

The Purchasers: Anyone is welcome to shop at the Cornerstone. We have many crafters, antique dealers, teens, adults, children from all walks of life find their new treasures at the thrift center. We provide quality items at a bargain and our customers feel good not only from getting great deals, but also in the knowledge that the money from their purchases will aid the NCC ministries. Additionally, the Cornerstone offers weekly specials and seasonal bargains.

The Volunteers: Our volunteers feel a true sense of accomplishing something worthwhile as they also enjoy interacting with others. 

Other Charitable Organizations: Through our distribution of excess goods.

NCC: Proceeds from the thrift center are given to the NCC budget and ministries.


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